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Precision Shear-Cut Tubular Part

For over 30 years, we’ve been manufacturing shear cut tubular parts to our customer’s specifications with precision tube cutting, tube bending, and tube forming processes, serving the Electronics, Medical, Industrial, Aerospace, HVAC, and Automotive industries.

  • High Tolerance – High Efficiency
    Tube sizes 0.022″ to 0.625″ with tolerances to ±0.001″ and lengths from 0.020″. Wall thicknesses vary depending on the material type and OD dimensions.
  • All Workable Alloys – Any Tube
    From Aluminum to Zirconium, our custom machining and tooling engineers will cut, bend, and form any workable alloy to your specifications.
  • Material Sourcing and Value Added Services
    We’re able to source and supply any size tubing made from any workable material, including custom tube sizes. We also cut, bend, form and finish your supplied material to specifications.

High Volume Tube Cutting & Machining

Our “zero waste shear cutting” process reduces material costs up to 50% and creates cuts with minimal distortion and no collapse to the inner or outer diameters. Our multi-stage machinery also reduces setup costs and production times by allowing shear cut parts to be bent, formed, and configured in one efficient process.

Our custom-fabricated carbide tooling and metal forming/cutting machines produce up to billions of parts per job, with tight tolerances, deburring, bending, hole punching, and various end formations and finishes.

Tube Bending

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