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Download our Fractional and Metric Tube Sizes chart for standard tubing dimensions specified as fractions, inches, and millimeters. This tubing chart includes a variety of wall thicknesses, from 0.010″ to 0.035″ and 0.127mm to 0.889mm.

  • Download, print, and display this Fractional and Metric Tube Sizes chart to use as a convenient reference for your all your tube fabrication needs
  • Additional tube charts are available for download, and specialty tube charts can be emailed to you upon request


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fractional and metric tube chart

Fractional & Metric Tubing

We fabricate tubular parts in sizes starting from 0.010″ in length. Parts can be specified in imperial (decimal or fractional) or metric units for all workable alloys, including Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass, Titanium, Inconel®, Aluminum, Nickel, Kovar®, Monel®, Nichrome, Gold, Platinum, 52 Alloy, 42 Alloy, Nickel/Silver, Cupro Nickel, Bronze, Phos/Bronze, Chromalloy, Silver, Hastelloy®, Invar®, Red Brass, Tantalum, and Zirconium.

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Print Four Slide Products’ Fractional and Metric Tubing Chart for easy reference and simplified ordering. The chart includes tables for standard tubing dimensions displayed in factions, inches and millimeters.