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SMALL Tubular Products


We specialize in the contract tube cutting of all workable alloys including stainless steel hypodermic tubing (hypotube), exotics, brass & copper. Our multi-stage fabrication process eliminates waste between cuts and most end forming can be accomplished during the tube cut-off process. Tubular parts are also bent without kinking.

  • Parts are burr-free and can be tumbled to remove sharp edges
  • Most end configurations can be accomplished during the tube cutting process
  • Minimal distortion or collapse to the outside or inside diameters
  • Precision tube fabricating & bending services – up to billions of parts per run
Tube Bending


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Tube Bending Services

Designing for Fabrication – Tube Bending

Designing for tubular parts manufacturing requires the consideration of many factors. For example, is there adequate wall thickness in the material to accommodate the expected tube outer diameter stretch and tube inner diameter compression associated with the desired bend radius? We offer engineering support to help with all aspects of your formed metal tube designs.

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Fixture Bending Roll Bending

Designing for Fabrication – Tube Forming

When manufacturing precision tubular components, care must be given to reducing the amount of distortion in bent sections. The bending method, size, shape and the material properties of the alloy, along with specified tolerances, are key. Our experienced bending/forming engineers can help you design your small metal tubular parts for manufacturing.

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Fixture Bending Roll Bending

Designing Small Tube Components for Manufacturing

Many tubular components can be cut and formed in one efficient process. To achieve production goals under budget and on schedule, materials, tooling, and lubricants must be selected carefully. The ease of tube forming depends on choice of alloy, shape, tolerances, and material properties like corrosion resistance and heat tolerance.

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Metals and Exotic Alloys

Small tubular parts manufactured from any workable alloy, including Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass, Titanium, Inconel®, Aluminum, Nickel, Rodar/Kovar®, Monel®, Nichrome, Gold, Platinum, 52 Alloy, 42 Alloy, Nickel/Silver, Cupro Nickel, Bronze, PHOS/Bronze, Silver, Hastelloy®, Invar®, Red Brass, Tantalum.

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Tube Cutting - fabricators of shear-cut precision small tubular parts

Custom Tubing – Direct Connections to Mills

We can source all standard tubing sizes, both fractional and gauged (hypodermic) tubing. When outer diameter (OD), wall thickness (WT), inner diameter (ID), or part bending/forming requirements demand non-standard tube sizes, we utilize our direct connections to tubing mills to provide the perfect tubing for the job.

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