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We’ve been cutting, bending, and forming precision-fabricated tubular parts for over 30 years, serving the Electronics, Medical, Industrial, Aerospace, HVAC, and Automotive industries.

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When you call us about your project, you access over 90 years of combined tubular part manufacturing experience.

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We know how to design for fabrication, how to design for the most cost-effective use of materials, and how to design for high-volume production. There’s a good chance we’ve already made a part similar to yours, or we’ve already custom engineered a suitable fabrication process to meet your needs. In fact, we’ve probably already solved some of the problems associated with your specific designs and already know where to leverage the best deals on the highest quality materials. The smartest move you can make toward securing custom fabricated tubing is contacting us early, so we can help you right away. Use the contact form on the right, or give us a call today.

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752 Bangor Road, Nazareth, PA 18064
Phone: (610) 746-0688
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